schlafend (sleeping) - pictures by Caroline Bobek

Snapshots, France and Austria, 2004 - 2008

If you find yourself on one of those pictures and you don't agree with that just contact Caroline Bobek [carolinebobek [@]] and the picture which shows you will be deleted.

1. In der Metro / on the metro
In der Pariser Metro ist es laut. So mancher findet trotzdem einen Moment Ruhe und die passende Lage dafür. Das letzte Foto entstand in der Wiener U-Bahn.

The Parisian Metro is very noisy. Some people though find a moment of silence as well as the right position therefore. The last picture was taken in the Viennese Metro.

2. Im Zug / on the train
Im Zug lässt es sich zuweilen bequemer einrichten - je nach Vorlieben fallen so die Positionen unterschiedlich aus.

On train one can make oneself more comfortable - according to each preference the positions can change.