Forever not alone
FOREVER NOT ALONE - documentary by Monja Art + Caroline Bobek

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Alice, Helene, Maira, Nani, Selin + Vera leben in Wien, sind 13 bzw. 14 und beste Freundinnen. Diese Freundschaft ist das Wichtigste in ihrem Leben. Als aber Jungs und Partys eine große Rolle zu spielen beginnen und das Ende der gemeinsamen Schulzeit naht, sehen sich die Mädels mit der Frage konfrontiert, was Freundschaft ist und wie viel Veränderung sie ertragen kann. Was ihnen bleibt, ist ein letzter gemeinsamer Sommer. Ein Film über Freundschaft, das Erwachen der Sexualität, die erste Liebe, Träume, Sehnsüchte, Hoffnungen... und über das Loslassen, den Neubeginn.

Alice, Helene, Maira, Nani, Selin + Vera live in Vienna, are 14 and best friends. This friendship is the most important thing in their lives. But as boys and parties begin to play a major role and the end of their schooldays is looming closer and closer, the girls have to face the question of what friendship is and how much it can withstand. What remains is their last summer together on the cusp of the journey through adolescence. A film about friendship, awakening sexuality, first love, dreams, desires, hopes... and about letting go and starting over again.

FOREVER NOT ALONE is an intimate documentary about the beginning of youth - that moment in a girl's life when the roller coaster ride of emotions begins. A time when relationships last two weeks and parties last till the early morning. A time of bbfs (best friends forever), clumsy first kisses and idealistic dreams. A time when everything is poised to change. Most of the documentaries about teens focus on young people aged 16 to 18. FOREVER NOT ALONE gives attention to that important break happening at the age of 13. In this period you can see that a girl very slowly but surely becomes a woman. The six girls in this documentary seem over sexualized, and yet fall in love easily, at the same time they are childish and shy when it comes to intimacy with boys. Facebook and smartphones organize and document their lives and thoughts to share with the world and each other. Being alone and separated is their most terrifying fear. FOREVER NOT ALONE is a documentary about the everyday lives of six 13/14 year old Viennese girls attending secondary school, who have to face the question of what friendship is when one of them prepares to move away.

Duration: 74 min (73:33:03)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Original format: HD
Screening formats: DigiBeta PAL, BetaSP PAL, DVD PAL, HDCam PAL, Apple Pro Res HQ
Film location: Vienna
Country of Production: Austria
Year of Production: 2013


Filmakademie Wien
Wien Kultur - MA7
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