Myth/History - a film by Patrick Dorner

“Movies turn history into myth.” - Christopher Harris
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th president of the United States of America - was maybe the first politician whose career was followed by several camera crews. Those crews - working for the Edison Motion Pictures - captured the life of Theodore Roosevelt and created by those images a legend. Wild Bill Hickok is a legend of the Wild West. A gunman with a certain reputation, captured in films, books and radio plays. Two legends - one on film, one on audio - are combined and create a new image of legendary men.

Technical details:
Duration: 6:30 min
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Archive footage: Edison Motion Picture Company
Audio: Wild Bill Hickock - Audio Play
Music: The Spanish Rhapsody performed by Alessios Mandolin Quartet (1916)

DotFest - International Online Short Film Festival (April 2010)