Basic idea by Miha Veingerl

Directed by Sebastian Leitner

Written by Sebastian Leitner and Monja Art

Production Manager and Assitant of the Director: Monja Art

Organised by Sebastian Leitner

Cinematography by Sebastian Leitner

Lighting by Sebastian Leitner

Sound Recording by Mathias Kolb

Edited by Sebastian Leitner

Green box by Louis-Jeremy Spieß

Special Effects by Mathias Kolb

Set-Photography by Monja Art

Making of by Mathias Kolb and Jeremy Spieß

Website by Monja Art

Music by keinKommentar and Marcus Doneus

Location by Karl Georg Sommerbauer

Transport by Erich Leitner and Louis-Jeremy Spieß


Norbert Fassl as Franz

Isle Freistätter as the woman with whom Franz falls in love with

Chia as the dog

Georg Sommerbauer as the tractor driver

Astrid Glatz and Mathias Kolb as the young couple

Oliver Pipping as the German tourist

Monja Art, Jeremy Spieß and Erich Leitner as the people at the Heurigen

Fritz Walch as the owner of the dog